Neutrogena Wave Power Cleanser

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The small machine comes with 14 pads similar to a smooth Buff-Puff, with cleanser infused into them. The entire machine fits perfectly in to the palm of your hand, it is small and ergonomically correct. Simply place one of the little pads onto the round flat spot (it's held in place by velcro), and press the switch! Using this machine to me is like using a Sonic Care Toothbrush- there are little vibrations that you can feel, but you aren't sure it's doing anything. I had to really fight the urge to scrub my face and let the machine do the work. I move it over my face slowly for about 3-5 minutes, and the cleanser in the pad creates a very light foam. It rinses off quickly and easily, and then you realize that your face is incredibly smooth!
it is water resistant

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