LV 2013

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i promised myself to update every few days but seems i failed ! i used to take photos with my canon but recently i got my galaxy camera which i love unfortunately i cant transfer photos directly from camera to laptop! i tried to download a software as they mentioned but still didn't work, hope to find a solution soon.

anyway now i will let you enjoy some photos of LV2013

Nails in YouTube

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A BB cream is 'an all-in-one product that combines the function of a primer, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, and light foundation.

I have been looking for the best BB cream in the market, i went through some websites & mostly suggesting Smashbox, so i ordered it online from Sephora website, didn't take long to reach here *uae* BUT as i remember they mentioned i will be having free samples but nothing i didn't get anything extra >.> in my shipping box!  anyway I can say am loving this product really, it is not melting like the one am using and great to use without foundation, just add some powder with a brush & will have the great natural look ^.^

below you will see also i got Lip Pencil from NARS, i got one before but different shade so why not getting another one in different colour lol, you have to try one am sure you will love it <3

The formula feels thick but not too thick. It’s creamy and easy to blend into your skin

Would I re-purchase? Yes. Because This BB cream is super lightweight on the face. It really feels as if I'm not using anything. The coverage is amazing. If you have very little time on your hands to apply makeup or you want something that looks natural but gives good coverage then this product is for you.