School Memories

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i was going through old boxes and found unbelievable stuff! 
i found old *small notes* we used to write in classes :D also the memory notebook for poems and crazy stuff going around the school *oh god* tears in my eyes walah i miss these days alot!
unexpected thing happen in the same day, i found one old friend in whatsupp group added her in my BBM & traaaaaaaa she invited me to a group *childhood friend* awwwww i met there my old old old friends am so happyyyyyyyyyyyy :')

i cant remember who wrote this letter
still no name coming to my mind hmmmm

not everyone had a flash memory lol

my obsession about Dina

cant find the key awwww i wanna know what inside this! i hate to break stuff

More More notes

this box with all my small notes we used to write in classes lol

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